Chemical Suppression Offers Ultimate Flexibility in Explosion Protection

The HRD system uses suppression bottles with pressures greater than 800 psi of Nitrogen to deliver suppressant into any vessel at a rapid rate before an explosion can develop.

0 ms

Ignition occurs and the deflagration begins to develop inside the volume.

20 ms

The Detex Pressure Detector senses the developing deflagration and signals to the CONEX control system.

40 ms

Suppressant is delivered via a High Rate Discharge propellent of pressurized Nitrogen

60 ms

The deflagration is fully suppressed as a homogenous amount of suppressant fills the volume.


High Rate Discharge Suppression

The Interceptor®-HRD bottles are NFPA compliant High Rate Discharge suppression bottles. These suppression bottles contain pressurized Nitrogen and dry chemical suppressant to suppress a deflagration as it develops. A variety of sizes and nozzle designs, including USDA certified options, allow the HRD suppression bottles to be used on any application.

The flexibility of the Interceptor®-HRD bottles allows them to be used for suppression on pneumatic conveying systems, dust collection, dryers, bucket elevators, mills, conveyors, and silos.

A micro gas generator with a 10 year service life provides superior service life for the bottles. Additional features include a standard telescopic nozzle for sanitary, flush installs, pressure switch monitoring, OSHA lockouts, and a field replaceable design.

Interceptor®-HRD Installed


Intelligent Control System

The most advanced chemical suppression system controller provides a user interface and computing power to monitor sensors and activate suppression bottles. Programmed with state-of-the-art software the CONEX® is a quick and reliable hub for the HRD suppression system.

Available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 zone variants the CONEX® controller can be used for applications ranging from single vessel designs to entire process areas.

Features include the ability for remote monitoring, HMI display, electrical system lockout, battery backup, read only local software, data logs, and interlocking relays.

Conex®-Controller Installed

Detex® Pressure Detector

Intelligent Pressure Detection

A truly intelligent pressure detector the Detex® is a “smart” sensor that monitors both the static and dynamic pressure in a protected vessel to differentiate a deflagration from regular process pressures. Programmed algorithms called Floating Zero Technology allow the detector to adjust the detection limits as your process pressure fluctuates.

This cutting-edge detector has the ability to be used on all types of process equipment including vibrating or high-temperature applications. A single and dual-headed version offers flexibility for any application and the ability to provide signal voting.

Features include remote mounted electronics, integrated process adaptors with quick connects, dynamic pressure sensing ability, USDA certified versions, and flex connections.

Detex®- Installed

Lumex® Optical Detector

Radiant Energy Detector

An alternative to pressure detection, the Lumex® optical detector looks for saturated light energy that would be produced by a flame. The detector features two detection cells to detect radiant energy in a wide viewing angle and zoning ability.

The Lumex® is ideal for explosion isolation detection in pipelines and suppression detection in vessels with elevated pressures. Combined with full-scale tested solutions they can provide the lowest reduced pressure solution for bucket elevators to provide a superior solution to a difficult application zoning ability.

Features include an air sweep connection, self-checking lens clearance, quick connection adaptor, and zoning ability.