Explosion Protection Systems

Discover why CV Technology is the global leader in protecting people, processes, and plants from combustible dust hazards. Equipped with a team of engineers, researchers, and application specialists we have the expertise, experience, and superior products to safely protect nearly any processing facility from combustible dust hazards.

Chemical Suppression

Active Explosion Protection

Explosion Venting

Passive Explosion Protection

We are a Global Leader in Explosion Protection

We are a global leader in explosion protection

For over 25 years CV Technology has provided total solutions for combustible dust safety. Our explosion protection solutions are the most advanced and certified solutions in the world.

Passive Explosion Vents

Explosion Venting

When an explosion occurs, an explosion vent protects the vessel by rupturing. The build up of pressure from the explosion then has a place to escape. Pressure within the vessel is minimized and controlled, and the explosion release is controlled.

A common solution for explosion mitigation, explosion vents provide the ultimate reliability and most economical solution for explosion protection. Explosion vents can be installed on process equipment to relieve pressure and exhaust the flame. Indoor applications can be vented through ductwork to safe areas.

Explosions vents are can be applied across a wide range of industrial processes vessels. Explore our explosion vents, which come also com variety of models and sizes for any application.

Passive Indoor Venting

Flameless Venting

Flameless vents provide the ultimate passive solution for applications when explosion venting is not possible.

Whether a vessel is located indoors or outdoors in an occupied area, flameless venting can be used to provide explosion protection without the need to worry about the flame exhaust or pressure effects.

CV Technology’s flameless vents are designed to both retain the flame and absorb the heat of an explosion as it develops.



Active Explosion Protection

Chemical Suppression

Whether a vessel is located indoors or outdoors chemical suppression systems can provide explosion mitigation without any flameball exhaust from the protected volume. The Interceptor®-HRD system is a state-of-the-art system capable of achieving the lowest suppressed pressure with the most advanced detection abilities.

The Interceptor®-HRD system features three main components: Suppression Bottles, Detectors, and a Controller. HRD suppression bottles are a high rate discharge design for the fastest distribution of suppressant. Detectors can come in the form of pressure detection or radiant energy (optical) detection. Controllers are the brains of the system to provide a quick response time, functionality, and reliability.



Explosion Propagation Protection

Explosion Isolation

Explosion isolation is designed to prevent flame propagation through pipelines and duct work to interconnected vessels or process areas.

Fast acting explosion isolation valves provide a mechanical isolation solution to stop the flame fronts in their tracks. Chemical isolation systems offer an alternative with the greatest installation flexibility.

A critical part of explosion protection, isolation prevents secondary explosions that often cause devastating effects. Explore the variety of different isolation solutions provided by CV Technology.